Jesus loves children. In fact, he exhorts all of us to become like little children in our faith, with clear eyes to see Him and open hearts to follow Him. Children are a blessing, and it is our mission to serve the Lord through the treatment of children with heart-related issues.

Throughout the Bible we read of Jesus’ healing power, how he laid his hands on faith-filled individuals and made them well. And He is still doing that healing work today, both in miraculous ways and through medical professionals committed to the healing and treatment of those in need.

For Hearts and Souls is just that – an organization dedicated to the treatment of hearts and the saving of souls for our Lord Jesus Christ. We invite you to learn more and become a part of this life-changing ministry.

This is God’s work and we are simply His servants so blessed to be used by Him. May God continue to use the hands of His people to bring heart and soul healing to His children.

Searching for the Broken Hearts:
In accordance with God’s Word,we seek to serve orphans and widows in their distress. One way we are able to do that is through large scale screenings to identify children with cardiac defects. Screenings are performed throughout the Mongolian country-in less than ideal conditions, but thanks to the tireless work of our committed doctors, nurses and other medical volunteers, children receive exceptional medical care and loving attention. These young patients are first screened by a physician and then receive an echocardiogram if necessary. In addition to this vital medical care, children also receive gifts from volunteers as well as a gospel bracelet. For Hearts and Souls seeks to not only heal the body, but offer healing to the soul as well.
Mending the Broken Hearts:
It is our goal to bring pediatric cardiac surgery to the utmost ends of Mongolia. With the experise of a pediatric cardiac surgeon, a pediatric cardiac anesthesiologist, pediatric cardiologists, pediatric intensivists, biomedical technicians, a pediatric cardiac perfusionist, and pediatric cardiac nurses, we have been able to perform cardiac surgeries and cardiac catheterizations in the capitol of Ulaanbaatar. It is our mission to continue this work as long as the Lord leads us. May God bless our young patients and those who volunteer so selflessly for this vital cause.